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Getting an appointment

The initial step is to meticulously organize your ideas and determine the optimal body placement for your tattoo. Here is some guidance to assist you in methodically planning your tattoo design.


1. It is advisable to refrain from incorporating an excessive number of ideas into a single tattoo, as this may result in visual clutter, hindering the ability of the eyes to focus on any specific element.

2. As you opt for a smaller design, it is essential to recognize that diminishing dimensions restrict the capacity to incorporate intricate details into the tattoo.

3. The selection of the body part for your tattoo significantly influences the design, and it’s important to be mindful that alterations to the design may pose challenges, as the chosen body part dictates the overall composition.

4. Keep in mind that the selection of your artist is based on an appreciation for their portfolio. It is advisable to allow them the creative freedom to bring their expertise into the creation process.

5. Avoid fixating on a specific image from the internet, as each artist possesses unique styles. Encourage them to craft an exceptional piece for you within the realm of their individual artistic expression.


Tattoo Pricing

Determining the pricing for your tattoo involves various factors, and it is imperative to recognize the direct correlation between quality and cost. Therefore, investing in your tattoo ensures a commensurate level of superior craftsmanship, considering the multiple variables that contribute to the overall cost.

A crucial aspect to grasp concerning the cost of your tattoo is that you’re not solely investing in the artwork; rather, you are acquiring the encompassing experience that accompanies it.

As a seasoned artist with a wealth of experience, I have dedicated myself to acquiring knowledge, mastering new techniques, and incorporating cutting-edge technology into my craft. This unwavering commitment is evident in the quality of my tattoos. To emphasize the value of the experience I offer, I do not adopt an hourly pricing model; rather, I determine the cost based on the overall quality and satisfaction I strive to provide to you.

By completing the inquiry form with all relevant information, I will be able to provide you with a personalized pricing estimate.

Tattoo Aftercare


 – On the Day of the Tattoo:

1. Keep cellophane for a maximum of 2 hours.

2. Remove cellophane.

3. Wash hands, then clean tattoo with neutral PH soap and lukewarm water.

4. Pat dry with a paper towel, ensuring no blood/plasma residue.

5. Confirm wound cleanliness.

6. Let the tattoo air-dry without coverage.

7. Before bedtime, briefly cover with new cellophane, removing it in the morning, and avoid further covering.

– Days 2, 3, and 4 Tattoo Care:

1. Thoroughly cleanse hands.

2. Use PH neutral soap and lukewarm water to delicately clean the tattoo.

3. Gently pat dry with a paper towel.

4. Allow air-drying without coverage.

– To Facilitate Healing (From Day 5 Onward):

Apply a thin layer of «Hustle Butter Deluxe» cream evenly over the tattoo twice a day.

Application Tips:

1. Dispense a modest amount onto fingertips, blending it over the hand.

2. Apply evenly to the entire tattoo.

3. Ensure an even, glossy finish without a visible white layer.

4. Aim for a thin, translucent layer maintaining tattoo visibility.

– Expert Aftercare Advice:

For itching:

1. Avoid scratching.

2. Do not pick at scabs.

For redness, itching, pimples, pain, or concerns:

*Contact for guidance.*

If skin tightens or cracks before the fifth day:

– Initiate cream application as previously instructed.

About Me

Anime Tattoo Artist tattooing Switzerland

Hello everyone! 

My name is Hernán Noble and I’m a professional Tattoo Artist with 7 years of experience in the tattoo industry resident in Zürich-Switzerland. My style is based in Anime and Manga culture.

Anime and videogames lover since childhood, my first contact with it was with Akira’s movie and Evangelion series, followed by Dragon Ball, Pokemon and all kind of videogames like Final Fantasy, since then I had always curiosity about Japanese culture.

Introduced in 2016 into the tattoo world by my brother Matias Noble, who was already a knowed tattoo artist. I started tattooing fine line, dot work, realism in black and gray until after thinking a lot about my career I switched to the style that I love: Anime.


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Tattoo Cosplay Conventions

  • Got a tattoo last year from Hernán. I am very happy with the results! I would recommend Hernán especially if you are into anime tattoos.

    Fabius Avatar Fabius
    octubre 5, 2023

    very happy with the lettering tattoo by Hernan. Everything‘s perfect and precise.

    Antigone Laios Avatar Antigone Laios
    octubre 5, 2023

    Clean studio,you can feel quality around there and the artist(s) making a great job

    Oliver Meier Avatar Oliver Meier
    octubre 5, 2023
  • Si te gusta el anime y el manga y quieres hacerte un tatuaje, con Hernan estas en buenas manos. Sea un proyecto pequeño o grande, tendras un trabajo bien hecho… read more

    Lacie Alice Avatar Lacie Alice
    octubre 4, 2023

    Hernan is a very good artist. He realy care about you and what you want👍

    Meile Nino Avatar Meile Nino
    octubre 4, 2023

    Ich habe ein 👑 gemacht und bin mega zufrieden. Werde für weitere tattoos nurnoch zu noble art kommen. 🏻 danke Hernan!

    adriana berisha Avatar adriana berisha
    octubre 4, 2023
  • Sehr kreativ, Professionell, gutes Verständnis bei Ideen top!! Muy creativo, profesional, buena comprensión de las ideas. top!!

    Jean Carlos Gil Pena Avatar Jean Carlos Gil Pena
    octubre 4, 2023

    Very nice person and amazing work. I really love the Tattoo. Thank you for your amazing work <3

    Petra Indermühle Avatar Petra Indermühle
    octubre 4, 2023

    War mein erstes Tattoo und entsprechend wusste ich nicht was auf mich zu kommt. Jedenfalls fühlte ich mich durchgehend wohl und bin auch ein Jahr später mit dem Ergebniss sehr… read more

    Ivan Greco Avatar Ivan Greco
    octubre 4, 2023
  • J’ai réalisé un tatouage en 2019. Que ce soit l’accompagnement professionnelle ou la réalisation de ce tatouage, j’ai été plus que satisfait ! Je recommande à 100% !!!

    Cyril Thummel Avatar Cyril Thummel
    octubre 4, 2023

    Very nice Staff. Very nice and relaxing atmosphere. U can watch Netflix, youtube ect on a TV and with headphones they provide! Overall super nice expirience and would definetly recommend

    Myriam Donizetti Avatar Myriam Donizetti
    octubre 4, 2023

    Ich habe bei Hernan einen ganzen Armsleeve gemacht und bin sehr zufrieden. Er ist ein sehr freundlicher und hilfsbereiter Tätovierer der mit seinem know how sehr gut beraten hat. Man… read more

    Xperiment Avatar Xperiment
    octubre 4, 2023
  • It was a pleasure being tattooed by the lovely Hernan… in this very clean and professional studio/environment! I‘ll be back for more for sure!

    Johannes van Ooyen Avatar Johannes van Ooyen
    octubre 4, 2023

    Es war einfach nur fantastisch. Ich habe nun schon einige Tattoos von Hernan und es wird auch nicht das letzte sein. Man fühlt sich von dem momentan an wo man… read more

    Robin Müggler Avatar Robin Müggler
    octubre 1, 2023
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