Healing Instructions

Stay 2 hours with the film paper after the tattoo session then Take it off and NEVER PUT IT AGAIN.

  • Wash your hands. Very important!!
  • Wash the tattoo with cold/slightly warm water with ph 5.5 liquid soap. No fragance, etc.
  • Dry it with towel paper, pressing a little for all over the tattoo surface, do not drag it!!!
  • Let it dry alone for almost 20 minutes.
  • Repeat these steps 2-3 times per day for 3-4 days until the wound is closed.
  • When the wound is closed you can start to put a thin layer of tattoo cream on the tattoo area after each washing/drying for 7-14 days until the tattoo is healed, you need to see the tattoo, if you don´t see it you have put too much cream and that is a big mistake!

Each body is different, so you need to look at your healing process to know how your skin works. IF YOU SEE OR FEEL SOMETHING WEIRD IN THE TATTOO OR AROUND, CALL YOUR ARTIST BECAUSE MAYBE YOU HAVE A BEGINING OF INFECTION, THE ARTIST WILL HELP YOU ON THIS.

If you have animals in your home, try to avoid them the first week of healing, because they can create an infection in your tattoo( open wound ).

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