Born in Montevideo – Uruguay to a humble family of two brothers and a sister, he moved to live in Mar del Plata – Argentina for 7 years where he learned some skills in sculpture, drawing and painting, until the the country’s economy collapsed and he needed to move to Spain where he lived for 19 years, he was part of primary school, college, high school and finished his Professional Formation studies to become a Chef.

After working hard for 5 years in Restaurants, he wanted to move to a new  area more interesting and dynamic such as painting, drawing and tattooing.

Introduced into the world of tattooing by his brother Matias Noble, who was already a tattoo artist. He started tattooing in 2016 in fine line style, dotwork style until 2018 when he switched to black and gray realism.

He started traveling as a tattoo artist in 2019 going to countries like Switzerland and Canada.

He has been living in Zurich-Switzerland since 2021.


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